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This document is a WORK IN PROGRESS.
This is just a quick personal cheat sheet: treat its contents with caution!


WeeChat is a highly extendable and feature rich IRC client.


Table of contents

Avoid dotfile madness

Prior to installation, make sure you stay in control of your home directory.


See how to handle WeeChat related dotfiles.







sudo pacman -S weechat
sudo pacman -S weechat-matrix

Optional Deps   : aspell: spellchecker support
                  guile: support for guile scripts [installed]
                  lua: support for lua scripts
                  perl: support for perl scripts [installed]
                  python: support for python scripts [installed]
                  ruby: support for ruby scripts
                  tcl: support for tcl scripts

In matrix:
/script load /usr/share/weechat/python/

/set matrix.server.matrix_org.username johndoe
/set matrix.server.matrix_org.password jd_is_awesome

automatically load the script:
$ ln -s ../ ~/.weechat/python/autoload

Automatically connect to the server

/set matrix.server.matrix_org.autoconnect on

If everything works, save the configuration


For using a custom (not matrix server:

    Add your custom server to the plugin:

    /matrix server add myserver

    Add the appropriate credentials

    /set matrix.server.myserver.username johndoe
    /set matrix.server.myserver.password jd_is_awesome

    If everything works, save the configuration


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